International Journal of Agriculture and Nutrition

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part A (2023)

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Laboratory assessment of Annona reticulata Linn. (Annonaceae), Pongamia glabra Vent. (Fabaceae) and Piper nigrum Linn. (Piperaceae) against Bihar hairy caterpillars, Spilarctia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Arciitidae)
Preeti Singh
Int. J. Agric. Nutr., 2023; 5(2): 01-06
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Potential of water hyacinth compost and N, P, K, S fertilizers on K-available, K-uptake, and quality of shallots (Allium ascalonicum L.) in inceptisols of Jatinangor
Emma Trinurani Sofyan, Ade Setiawan, Ilham Fajar Ardiansyah and Abdul Rahmi
Int. J. Agric. Nutr., 2023; 5(2): 07-10
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Evaluation of hydraulic performance of three different emitters in drip irrigation systems for small vegetable farms, Gezira state, Sudan
Ahmed AU Farah and Abdihamid SH Abdi
Int. J. Agric. Nutr., 2023; 5(2): 11-15
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Utilization of Trichoderma asperellum strain TR3, and types of compost on the growth of Palu valley red onion plant
Sayani, Mahfudz, Ansar Pasigai, Muhardi, Sakka, Andi Ete and Usman Made
Int. J. Agric. Nutr., 2023; 5(2): 16-20
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